All Day Menu

Chef Min and his team are very much excited to introduce a modern Korean food along with authentic Korean dishes to our customers. You can now experience the real Korean cuisine at HAN!

HAN’s menu changes according to seasonality, market availability,  and also due to our commitment to create new dining experiences for our customers when they return.

Please do not hesitate to ask for our recommendations to ensure that your HAN experience is everything that we want to deliver – and that you want it to be!

Little HAN - Korean Street Food

Come & celebrate 'HAN's 3rd anniversary' every Tuesday of September!

Don't miss out on dishes like 'Chi-Maek' (Chicken & beer), 'Chicken Kkochi' (Korean style skewer), 'Hot-Bar' (House-made fish cake), and many more...

Also, HAN's special Makgeolli (fermented rice) cocktails will be available!!

Book your table in advance.

Han's Table Set Menu

Owner Chef Min has now proudly launched new 'Han's Table' set menu for you to enjoy the Korean traditional table.

When he first opened HAN in 2017, he draw on a combination of Korean and French techniques to introduce Korean flavour gently to customers. However, he has now decided to focus on introducing authentic Korean dishes and Korean food cultures as many customers wanted to experience real Korean food at HAN!

For this reason, HAN is bringing you Han-jeongsik set and Han's Charcoal BBQ set to experience an authentic Korean cuisine. Please enjoy!

Han-jeongsik set menu for $65 pp.

Han's Charcoal BBQ set menu for $70 pp.

Wine & Beverage List

You can pair the food with a range of international and New Zealand wines, try Hwayo Soju, a traditional Korean rice spirit, enjoy a beer with your BBQ or let yourself entice by one of our Korean inspired cocktails.

Korean wine & premium soju 'Hwayo'

Hwayo is a premium quality Korean rice spirit. It’s derived from 100% Korean rice from Yeoju in Gyeonggi province and pure water from 150m underground using single distillation process over very low heat and pressure.

Non-Alcoholic Spirit 'Seedlip'

Seedlip is the World’s First Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit. Seedlip 94 & 108 provided us with a fantastic opportunity to create complex and contemporary adult experiences for those times when you want to have something amazing but with 0% alcohol.

Any dietary requirements??

Chef Min and team want to give everyone a great experience no matter their allergies or dietary preferences, therefore, most of our dishes can be prepared gluten free and we also have some great vegetarian and vegan options that even meat eaters would enjoy. 

For any other dietary requirements, please give us a call or leave a note with your booking and we will do our best to prepare something delicious for you.


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