HAN is a unique Korean cultural philosophy & trait. It also means Korea.

Here at HAN Restaurant we focus on delivering a Modern Korean dining experience along with traditional menu items in a relaxing environment.

It is a modern Korean cuisine but it might be beyond your imagination as chef Min creates very unique and exceptional combination between Korean & western flavour.


Owner Chef Min moved to Auckland from South Korea in 2007. Min has built his culinary knowledge & skills in cafes & restaurants since 2009. Most recently, he owned food truck 'Uni-Ko' that wanted to bring fine dining to the streets after having worked at Meredith's restaurant for 3 years.

Min is a very experimental & creative chef so he loves to try and combine many different flavours and ingredients between Korean & Western cuisine. He is very much excited to introduce Korean flavours presented in a western style. 

Sous chef Kevin Lee is one of our great team members. He has a great attitude & heart. He has been supporting Min a lot at HAN and doing a great job!

Articles & Reviews

Jesse Melligan from VIVA May, 2020

Every ingredient is the perfect version of itself when dining at Han in Parnell.

"I hope, Han will be here cooking this beautiful food for good."

METRO Top 50 restaurants, 2019

"To appreciate the dexterity of chef-owner Min Baek, order as many of the small plates as the night will allow: the crispy calamari pancake with meltingly tender squid is recommended, as is the bracingly refreshing moochim salad, its spicy sauce paying tribute to Baek’s hometown Busan."


Jessie Mulligan from VIVA

"The chef is ex-food truck and ex-Merediths, the best possible CV combination. His cuisine is pitched as Modern Korean".. "I’ve eaten at some great places these last few weeks but Han is the one I keep coming back to"

Kim Knight from NZ Herald

"DIY-fine dining and an exercise in delayed gratification"... "At Han, you should finish as you mean to go on. Sizzling!"


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