A Family Feast set for TWO



We've included this feast set to our normal menu as it might fulfill the joy of family feast!

This special feast set includes

Korean Fried Chicken
Bossam (DF/Seafood)
Charcoal BBQ Bulgogi (DF)
Charcoal BBQ spicy pork (DF)
Kumara noodles (GF/DF)
Seaweed soup (GF/DF)
6 types of side dish(namul) (Seafood) 
2 types of house Kimchi (Seafood)
Dessert (will be changed regularly)
Mixed grain Panna cotta (Nuts, Gluten, Dairy)

"Please note if you have any dietary requirements, leave a message at the checkout. Then we can change it to other options! "

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